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September 7, 2016
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September 13, 2016

Apple Watch – Apple and Nike launch perfect running partner

Apple launched its latest version of the Apple Watch, Series 2, by reviving the huge partnership with Nike to create the “perfect running partner”.

What are the changes?

  • Two times brighter display
  • Water resistant up to 50 metres
  • A powerful dual core processor
  • Siri Commands
  • Strong integration with the Nike Run Community
As this is the smartwatch, the GPS tracker, Heart Rate monitor, Weather, and Stopwatch are already built in. Apple are clearly aiming to tap into the huge running community that Nike have assembled with the Nike+ Run Club. However, with their water resistant watch, I wonder are they also looking to take in the triathlon/ironman communities.

Running Community

I had recently covered the changes to the Nike+ Run Club, which haven’t gone down too well (nike-running-app-changed-for-worse). But I think ultimately Apple want to tap into the motivation and coaching plans, and most importantly the social aspect. If runners start comparing training with each other, then it ultimately leads to more sales (similar to the way Strava took off).

The Future

It’s hard to see Apple/Nike taking over the GPS watch market. However, if new runners / fitness enthusiasts already have a smart watch, then why would they need to buy a GPS watch. So is this how sports watches are going to evolve? Perhaps
Apple Watch Series 2 goes on sale this Friday 9th September, with anticipated availability in Ireland at the end of October. Pricing in the US will be $369 for the 38mm and $399 for the 42mm watch.