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March 10, 2016
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March 14, 2016


Product Review – ASICS Fuzex – 25th February


About the runner

In mid January I got the ‘new to market’ ASICS FuzeX runners. The concept behind “fuzeX” is that it is a fushion of the Gel and Foam in traditional runners. So rather than having a Gel Insert in the runner, they are both mixed, what this means is that there is no difference in impact regardless of where your foot strikes.

But let’s get one thing straight, I was pretty excited to, as always, to break out new runners!

How I got on

I’ve taken the runners out now on a good few short runs (3-4 miles) and only a couple of mid-distances (around 10 miles). I’ve brought them to two races, but have yet to bring them out on a long distance race (half marathon¬†+).

What I liked:

  • Weight – these felt pretty light on my feet, definitely a plus.
  • Comfort – typical ASICS, these felt very comfortable to wear. Nice cushioning feel on impact.
  • Fit – Good fit, felt particularly good around the ankle area. A lot of space in the “toe box” area, perhaps more than I need personally, but not a problem.
What could be better:
  • Speed – Although they are light weight, I felt that they didn’t have the usual “springiness” of an ASICS runner. Felt a little flat, but I mainly felt that in the shorter races, like 5K, less of an issue for longer distances.
Can’t judge yet:
  • Stability / Durability – Can only give this verdict after some serious wear and time. They seem solid, like most ASICS runners, so I would imagine they will stand the test of time.

Final Verdict

A pretty solid runner, good for a runner with a neutral gait. Although lightweight, it probably won’t be my runner for short races, but will be for middle distance. Will see how it fairs over long distance.


The heel – good for Neutral runner
Getting ready to hit the road
The lady’s pair are VERY pink – thanks to the wife!