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November 28, 2015
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Gifts for Runners this Christmas

It can be hard to buy a running gift for that special runner in your life, as usually they have very specific preferences. They have a certain type of “heel strike” so will only use a particular type of runner, they will usually have a preference of a particular brand of running clothes, and they will use a particular GPS watch, so will track all their runs on that system (and won’t want to change).

Sounds impossible, well here’s some ideas that may help:

Ideas €100+

  1. Training / Running Courses – 
  2. Hotel Stays around races – if your runner is planning a marathon / half marathon and there is a bit of travel involved, why not book the local hotel, it would be a great suprise. (Throw in a trip to the spa with massage for extra brownie points!)
  3. Sports shop vouchers – It might be a little lazy, but if you are a voucher person, then they are likely to love the opportunity to buy a new pair of runners. (around €150 should do the trick).

Ideas <€100

  1. Races – “Here I bought you entry to a marathon“, sounds lovely right? Well actually if you know that your runner has an eye on certain events, then it’s not a bad idea at all. This is one you can tease out of them (what’s your favourite race, any big running plans this year, etc.)
  2. Cool Training Gear – Even if you like a particular brand, there are certain things that you’ll love to get, especially if they are for training rather than racing. You can’t go wrong with a high-vis, light weight running jacket, have a look at this for example from Asics.

Stocking Fillers

  1. Gels – If your runner uses gels regularly then stock him/her up. Buy a full box, you get better discounts, and they’ll definitely use them if they have a long race in the coming year. (Don’t switch brands though, stick to the brand and flavour they like, e.g. High5 or PowerBar)
  2. Running Hats (either beanies for winter or running caps for summer). Or Gloves!
  3. Magazine Subscriptions – I’d recommend Irish Runner here, but if they already have that then try Runners World
  4. iTunes – if they use music during runs, you can’t go wrong with a refresh of the playlist, an iTunes voucher would be nice!
  5. Medal Holders – If your runner has built up a vast collection of medals, that are stuffed in a drawer, then help him/her display them with pride. Here’s mine from earlier this year, just €15 from Kerry Signature Furniture:

Running Books

When a runner is not running, they like to think about running! So here’s some books that will keep them motivated or inspire them further:
  1. Born to Run – Christopher McDougall
  2. Eat & Run – Scott Jurek
  3. ChiRunning – Danny Dreyer
  4. Who Dares Runs – Gerry Duffy
  5. Running Full Circle – Frank Greally
Any other receommendations or questions, feel free to post below. I’ll do my best to get back to you, without becoming a personal shopper!!