Ballyfin House 6K
January 10, 2016
Anne Valley 5 mile
January 19, 2016


The end of safety pins?

I’ve never considered safety pins as something that were a problem. I’ve never had a number fall off in a race (even in some crazy weather). So when I heard about the new invention on the market, Pinrace, I was a little sceptical. However, after trying them out, I discovered some nice benefits…..

What are they?

Pinrace are essentially some really powerful little magnets, sold as a pack of 4 for individuals (group deals available), that you use to hold your race number in place. 

What I found

Looking back at my pre-race routine previously, I think I might be a little bit ‘Obsessive Compulsive’. I maybe spent a bit too long making sure my race number was centred, as if this was likely to affect race performance.
Anyway, being able to use magnets, rather than pins was far easier for someone with my ‘condition’! But more importantly for me, a lot less damage to my favourite running tops.
That for me is the main benefit: a lot of my running tops were starting to get plucked and damaged by safety pins, this eliminates the problem.
In terms of performance / stability, I’ve put them to test in some very wet and windy weather. Those magnets, and the race number are going nowhere. The first two minutes of your run may take a bit of getting used to the feeling, but you’ll forget about them before you know it.
Finally the unexpected benefit was the ability to pin your race number to the fridge. For too long the kids have had a monopoly on fridge space, which is prime kitchen real estate. Now, if you have a big race coming up and you receive your number in the post, use your magnets to stick it up, so that everyone in the house (and visitors) knows that there’s some serious training going on!…… take that kids!

Just be careful

My last note on these is just a word of caution. The magnets are really strong, so you need to keep them away from digital devices, laptops, phones and most importantly GPS watches. Don’t throw them into your gear bag together. This may lead to a bigger problem for races where the timing chip is built into the number, I probably won’t use them for these races.

In summary….

These solved a problem I didn’t know I had. I will use them, but not in situations where my timing chip is in my race number. If you buy them, you will use them, the question is whether you think that around €10.50 is worth it. For me, I think yes, just about.
Visit to check them out or order