Weekend Races 1st – 3rd December 2017
November 30, 2017
Weekend Races 8th – 10th December 2017
December 7, 2017

Run Clare Series

In 2014 a group of runners in Clare came together to provide a series of quality races in the county, and the “Run Clare” race series was born in 2015. The idea for the series had come on the back of their very successful 10K race in 2013, the “Eamon Moloney 10K”. From looking at feedback on these races year over year, and looking at what the organisers are providing for runners, this does seem like a series of races that you should strongly consider travelling for.

What is it:

This is 4 races over 4 months: a 5K, a 5 Mile, a 10K and a 10Mile. But each race is now in a different location around Clare, giving you the opportunity to experience some of the best of the beautiful banner county.
The 5k will be in the lovely village of Barefield, it’ll be a great way to start the journey around the country lanes. The 5 mile takes you to the seaside town of Lahinch where the views on your route will be breathtaking. Back to Ennis for the Eamon Moloney 10k, where the urban location is known for its family atmosphere and fast, flat route. Finally, you head to East Clare and Tuamgraney for the 10 mile, you’ll have spectacular views over Lough Derg in your last event before collecting your great finisher’s gift.

What you get

The organisers each year strive to improve the quality of their medals / souvenirs / gifts. In an age where many runners will travel for a nice medal (a little bit guilty there myself!!), they certainly have some nice pieces for the collection…..check out the picture below:


I have put in the links for the registration for each race below, however, it’s definitely worth considering the €70 option. Last year, around 700 runners completed the full series, but this year the registrations are already up over 800 with another 2 months to go. I expect this series is going to be hugely popular this year (and probably into the future), so don’t go kicking yourself for missing out when you see others posting their pictures online!!